Outdoor car cinema
Alternative to spend leisure time during Coronavirus pandemic

Other (urban population , cinema lovers)


Target: urban population , cinema lovers


ACTUAL CONTEXT: due to Coronavirus pandemic, the cinemas are closed or the access is restricted in order to ensure the minimum distance between people. PROPOSAL: My proposal consists into using the outdoor parking from big supermarkets, hypermarkets or commercial centers as open air cinemas. In the evening, after the closing hours, the supermarket clients will vacate the parking lot and it will be able to transform them into open air cinemas.


ADVANTAGES: Social wise: offering to urban population an alternative to spend spare time, especially during the summer, by respecting the social distance. A big plus will be the lack of not too many alternatives for leisure time, given that the bars, pubs, restaurants have strict rules or they are still closed. Economic wise: Increasing the company's profit by introducing the movie ticket, beverages, popcorn etc. It will create new job openings: e.g. cashier, beevrage sellers, guards etc.