Three Finger Glove
A solution to prevent infection by touching common surfaces

Other (Everyone, Particulary 20 -60 yrs who have to go shopping for essentials)


I found myself afraid to touch doorknobs and elevator buttons every time I stepped out of my home. Wearing surgical gloves in a country like India where we are at the peak of summer is nearly impossible.


I realised that we use our thumb, index finger and middle finger the most to touch surfaces. Hence, ensuring these three fingers do not touch infected surfaces would help in preventing the spread of the virus to some extent. The three finger glove would be alot more comfortable and ergonomic as compared to the standard glove which can make your hands feel claustrophobic particularly in warmer climates.


The glove should be made of a reusable and recyclable material, that can be washed easily. It maybe given out at shopping malls, or for air travel before entering an airport.