Sanitizing Wipes for Men
Sanitizing Wipes for men, refreshing, portable and leaves a long lasting protection.

Other (Active men who need to refresh during the day and in pandemic and post-pandemic times, also want to feel free of virus and protected against them. )


The Men Grooming category increased market penetration, offering a wide range of products. However, the cleansing wipes are usually focused on women and babies or have a pharmaceutical look and smell that is not appealing. A few brands are targeting men, but they offer one single benefit: deodorizing, cleansing or moisturizing. But men prefer convenience, meaning they hate to use several products. What if one single product could offer all they need in a grooming post-pandemic world?


Men have several moments throughout the day where they want to cleanse and refresh (after excercising, at the office, on the go), while needing constant sanitization. Wipes are an optimal product to achieve this. Unfortunately they haven’t found a product they can relate to. A product specifically thought for them: masculine in every aspect and convenient (portable and multi-purpose).


Using the same long-lasting benefit the antiperspirant and toothpaste categories have built, these sanitizing wipes, in addition to cleansing and refreshing, will leave a non-oily, light coat that will protect them against virus, germs and bacteria even after 8 hours.

Optional Big Visual

The visual added is a reference that will help to understand the idea and the target. Is not the proposal of the final product.