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Hello Creatives of the World!

Are you ready to show off your amazing ideas in terms of delivery of chilled goods in 2025, something worth the Miele brand?

Make sure to read the brief (more than once) and to go through the Download Material from the brief! And before you even start thinking about your target group, use case or product solution, find out here what you will need to upload in your idea presentation, in terms of contents, image sizes and text.

Happy creating! Looking forward to your ideas! And if you have any questions ask me either by private message or here under the brief.


I think there is a bug prevents me to see the latest ideas slides with an endless 'Encoding in progress' message.

Dear HichamBahr, I will look tomorrow into it, when I am back into the office. Cheers, Diana

It should be working now. Please let me know if it doesn't. ;) Diana

Thanks Diana, It's OK now :)

2025 is like 2036 and its like 1995 why you think in 205 something is going to change ,stop being pushful,

Hey everyone,

It’s great to see all the ideas coming in for the past 4 days. I can see that you are really enjoying the challenge brought by Miele! Keep going.

Although I know you are excited to share with us and get feedback as soon as possible on your ideas, it is pretty difficult (for me, your fellow creatives and the client) to fully review an idea if it is missing a lot of information. So I encourage you to have a complete concept (work on all the slides) as soon as possible. ;)

Presentation-wise, as it says in the Read Before You Start, no text on the first visual (unless it is a headline or name essential to the first slide). In general avoid text in images. Text should be placed in the text box, unless it is necessary to understand the image (like a diagram or headline). Text should complement the image without cluttering it.

And no gifs as the first image. Also gifs are not recommended in general, as your ideas will be printed by the client (check the PDF button on the top right of your submission).

I hope it helps! One last thing for today. I’ll be out of the office for one week, and while I’m gone my talented colleague Jana will take over from here. She’s been briefed and onboarded, so she’s ready to go!

Looking forward to be back and see what you all have been up to, Diana

I think assigning a slide to illustrate the pain point in the home delivery system is a waste of a slide that can be used to illustrate the idea by the creative. We all know the pain points, which is why Miele set up this project .. Give us more space to provide solutions as long as the problems are known to all.

Hi Hicham,

coming up with a target user and showing the Pain Point you have isolated is indeed a fundamental part of the challenge here, so it is definitely not a waste of a slide! Pain points that you solve specifically could be anything in the user journey - yes, the overall goal is enabling cooled delivery in absence, but what specific pain points do you see within your user's journey? Multiple user access needed? A craving for hightened safety and surveillance? A need to make the device itself mobile? A need to make it self-sustaining? Is space an issue? Is privacy an issue? Is design or styling an issue? Are pets an issue, or small children, or the need to store medication, or bananas and bananas only...? The pain point is not the overall goal (delivery in absence), the pain point is what you can solve with your solution on a deeper level! :) Finding a valid user persona/use case for cooled delivery and solving a specific pain point within your scenario is elementary, so please use that slide and use it well! Thank you for asking this question though, it's really important to be clear on that!

BTW, I see your activity in giving feedback here, which is, in lieu of a better word and please excuse my unintentional pun, really cool! :)

Best, Jana

Hallo, everyone!

I am so WOWed by the plentitude of -ahem- cool ideas we are generating here, and very happy to jump in on this challenge while Diana is away!

Please definitely pay attention to her points in her last comment here - and in addition, check my answer to Hicham's very good question! This challenge is as fun as it is somewhat layered - but the layers of solutions that you can develop are a huge benefit! You can - come up with a really great use case and target persona/user - come up with a really awesome product Idea - come up with a really challenging and interesting specific pain point or in-use scenario - and most of all, really think outside the box (pun not intended, once more)

I have just heard from the client, they are as stoked as me to see so much amazing activity here. What they very much would love to see is even more creative approaches, more lateral thinking, more variety of use cases. What if your design is integrated in other (future) structures or services (think about the makro trends in the project kit!)? What if it allows for multiple uses? What if it's in someone's car or on the roof or what if their dog can operate it or what if it can also serve to take out the trash or be used as an external pick-up station (someone delivers frozen pizza and picks up something else) or if it could also be heated or used for normal parcel deliveries...? You can really open up here and imagine things, don't be too scared of feasibility - if you can imagine how it could work, show us! I'll get cracking with more individual feedback now :)

Cheers and all the best, Jana

Hi Jana, Nice to see you on board :) I definitely agree with you about showing the pain point.. What I mean about a waste of a slide, is the image not the text.. I already used the text for describing the pain points.. but illustrating it :(

Hey Hicham!

I see, I see...! Yet I can imagine that a quick pencil sketch will help in many cases to show certain pain points, and a little bit of storytelling or a quick draft of a user journey or a part of it can be a great way to illustrate and spur imagination, especially when we talk about the future - although it's 'only' the near future! :) If I as a client read or hear about 'my groceries are always in danger of being attacked by local wildlife', I may imagine it much clearer if there's a little comic of raccoons, and that way, your Idea will also become more sticky ('oh, I remember that one Idea that really stuck with me because it had raccoons!')

But I see your point for sure!

Best, Jana

Hey, All!

Check out this article about how Miele ovens can cook fish inside a block of ice without melting the ice (yep, I made that face, too!). Here is Miele's presentation of the Dialog Oven. Of course, we are not just thinking about cooking food, but about a device to revolutionize tempered delivery, and about topics like multi-user, multi-functionality, safety, accessibility and maybe even mobility or a great integration into other (future) services and systems, but I think this is an astonishing benchmark of technological innovation for us, set by Miele themselves! What I like most about it is that you can clearly see how Miele innovates with a dedication and focus on creating that extra level of real user benefit. It's not just a clever gadget that will make you buy, then let you get bored with a feature you actually don't use or need. It is engineered to have a real, lasting impact on any customers' life, so that every time they use it, they may just think "This is so awesome! Gets better every time!"

Of course, what we come up with here does not have to comply with the luxury feel of the Dialog Oven and its presentation - Use cases, pain point solutions and comprehensible scenarios can exist in many settings or ways of living, many of which I already see reflected in your Ideas! But the innovation and the real and lasting benefit of it for any customer or even service provider is transferable from the example of this luxury kitchen appliance to what we are working with here!

Keep up the great work! :)

Best, Jana

...Also, I see most submissions with a complete blank on target group specifics! Please consider it a mandatory element to find a really convincing target group and specific use cases - this will actually help you to come up with out-of-the-box, surprising and innovative approaches and also with showing how you really solve a need and a pain point! :)

It's great to be back and see so many ideas! Thank you, Jana, for your invaluable support! As Jana mentioned, the client is already assuming that your idea is for the general target group: people who need stuff delivered cool. Therefore, the client wants to see for which specific target group within this bigger group you are envisioning a solution. You can be very specific in your presentation about their characteristics and pain points in 2025(!). All this is as important to the client as the product design & usability.

Have fun updating and developing! I will be back tomorrow with the Halftime Feedback. Diana

Dear Miele Creatives, the client Halftime Feedback is here!

Make sure to read it! It will help you evaluate and update your existing submissions. And also inspire you for the best new ideas.

The three Halftime Awards will be announced tomorrow on this channel. Stay tuned! ;)

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU from the client to you all. You are the best!


CONGRATULATIONS to the (teams) taking home the 3x Halftime Awards (3x €500):

Miele HUG by Hakan N Türkmen & PantoneBlackU - because the idea is so simple, and yet so creative, clever and elegant (too design) that this could easily be something worth the Miele brand

Symbio by team joanaf & Pavlina K - great multi-purpose approach(!)

Frost Post UPD by team Pavlina K & joanaf (double congrats!) - because the idea is very well thought through, with a lot of function integration.

All three ideas are going in the right direction. More client feedback will be shared with them under each individual idea. Ps: thumbs up to the runner up Miele Freshride by elodiedelassus. The idea shows a great deal of lateral thinking! Bravo! However, the submission is still missing a lot of info and therefore could not be awarded.

Keep going! Diana

Congratulations to the winners and the other creatives... so many good ideas.

Congratulations for all winners :D

Congrats to all winners.☺

Congrats to winners, well deserved :)

Are you stuck with your existing idea? Don't know where to start? Here is a big HINT: Use the existing infrastructure (around the home, in the home, around the city / village, outside the city). Use what exists, or use what will exist in 2025!

Also try thinking out of the "box". ;)

You are welcome! Diana

Time is ticking! 4 days to go!

We are entering soon the last 48 hours of this amazing Miele cool challenge. You've done impressive work and I am sure more is on its way in these last two days!

Make sure that by the end of the submission phase your ideas are well finalized. And please do not use the same image more than once in your presentation.

After that stay tuned for one week of rating from you (the community of creatives). More on that soon.

Have fun creating! Diana

24 HOURS LEFT! Now or never!!

Dear Everyone,

The submission has finally come to an end! I want to thank everyone who has submitted in this challenge! Bravo! And also a big thank you to everyone who has left feedback on these ideas, to help the creatives see their missed spots and improve their ideas.

Now I would like to ask everyone to take a bit of time and rate these ideas. We have prepared some rating dimensions for you, meaning that you can explain in more depth (by rating these dimensions) how you are evaluating the idea:

Dimension 1: It would make my life easier and I'd love to have this product for myself This would be convenient to install and use, and really make my life a lot easier! Additionally, it’s a cool/attractive product and/or service I would really like to have/use myself (and would be ready to pay for)

Dimension 2: Future proof for 2025 and beyond It’s feasible for 2025 and also sustainable in terms of championing future developments after 2025: I see how this would adapt to further future scenarios of infrastructure, services and living

Dimension 3: Fits the brief

The rating is open from now for a week! Rate and be fair.

PS: More about rating on jovoto here. Diana

That is a nice update on rating process

Thanks for sharing, DreamWorks and Fatima. I am happy to hear that! :)

We have entered the last two days to rate!

These are the last 24 hours to rate. Now or never!

Thank you everyone for rating! 1500 ratings - wow!!

We will now check the ratings for fairness (also called rating monitoring here at jovoto) and I will be back next week with the community winners, as rated by you.

All the best from Berlin, Diana

Update: The announcement of the community winners will take a few more days. I hope you are excited as I am! ;)

Dear Miele Creatives of the World,

I am happy and honored to announce today the Community awards as voted by you and after monitoring.


Top 5 Community Winners

Place 1: Bravo Home Buddy by Tommaso Balladore

Place 2: Clip Cool by team Elif Ezgi Erdem & studiobalkon

Place 3: In & Out Fridge by Bogdan Tanase-Marinescu

Place 4: Automatization on Demand by team Mariya & wildyracing

Place 5: Fresh Parking by voinealex

Best Collaboration Awards (5x)

Clip Cool by team Elif Ezgi Erdem & studiobalkon

Automatization on Demand by team Mariya & wildyracing

Miele HUG by team Hakan N Türkmen & Engin Akbaba

Car Delivery (Smart Lock) by team Elodie Delassus & Hicham Bahr

Symbio UPD by team joanaf & Pavlina_K

Best Feedback Awards (2x)

Fatima Sinanovic

Hicham Bahr

Well deserved awards for our Miele cooling challenge. Thank you, Fatima and Hicham, for your continuous and helpful feedback to the idea owners. And last but not least thank you to everyone who has voted and upvoted.

See you very soon with the Client awards! Here is the overview of the winners.


Congrats to everyone! Great project!

Congratulations for all winners :))

Congrats to all! :)

Congratulations to all of the winners, well deserved, and good luck for Client Awards :)

Congratulations to all;))

Big Congrats everybody and a big UP for the guiding dear Diana and Jana!

Congratulations to all! :)))

Congrats to all!!!


It's interesting that the idea template got a vote!! But it is strange to get a rank (!!!!) and precede many of the creatives, despite waiting for two weeks to announce the result of the electronic vote for "rating monitoring". We may soon see the idea template gets an award ;)

Dear Hicham, good observation! An oversight from my part by treating it as any other idea. Won't happen next time. ;) The rating monitoring is not fully electronic. I am doing the monitoring myself by looking at and interpreting the data that our algorithm shows us., and hence the results. I just wanted to clarify that the human factor is very important in our monitoring.

All the best from Berlin, Diana

Hi Diana, Thanks for the response :)) I know perfectly well that the rating monitoring is done manually, so my words were clear about "electronic vote". Thank God that the idea template will not compete with creatives for prizes in the upcoming projects ;)

Congratd to all the winners !

HI Diana, Do you have any information on clients feedback/choice?

Regards, Dragos

Dear Dragos, as mentioned in the brief, the client has six months to decide ("six month exclusivity period "). Hopefully I will be back with news sooner than that.

It's just been announced. ;)

Hi everyone,

I have BIG NEWS today! I am here to announce the client’s top ideas!


Client’s Choice incl. License (3x)

Bravo Home Buddy by Tommaso Balladore

Miele HUG by team HakanN Türkmen & Engin Akbaba

UMBI by voinealex

Client Shortlist Awards (8x)

Zeoloop by team sarkar & Juan Pablo Cruz

Miele RUBIC by team HakanN Türkmen & Engin Akbaba

Flexibox by Aybars Senyildiz

Symbio UPD by team joanaf & Pavlina_K

Frost Post by team joanaf & Pavlina_K

Frost Roll by Arman Akopyan

Car Delivery (Smart Lock) by team Elodie Delassus & Hicham Bahr

2 Sided Delivery Miele by szymonwit

Congratulations to the three top ideas that impressed the client so much to be given a license. Congratulations of course to the eight runners-up as well! Top work! And to everyone who has participated in one way or another in this project. This is a collaborative space and the final result in such a project is the sum of everything that happens. So THANK YOU, ALL!


CONGRATULATIONS everybody. Well deserved :)

CONGRATULATIONS to all winners!))))

Big congratulations to all winners :))

Congratulations to all winners!!

Huge congrats to all winners and participants!

Congrats to everyone great Project and awesome ideas!!!