Frost post - 05/30 UPD
For all your delivery needs, a box that keeps your goodies at the right temperature at your door.

Target groups

Other (adjustable to a target who have as main need to keep their orders preserved but who likes integrated solutions, functional and that aesthetically strive to maintain a position.)


Increasingly take a way and deliveries to the home are a constant in a society without time. Services that meet the demands of quality and comfort are adopted in our daily routines, especially if the solution is smart and able to surprise by its ease……


A delivery service that adjusts to customer schedules that can be trackable and that maintains your order with all its initial characteristics with style. A solution that allows sharing with other neighbours and adjusted to different space needs. With smart integration and an alternate recharging.


Miele will provide its customers with "THE FROST POST", a box with internal temperature regulation that will work as a mini refrigerator. This box can have different sizes according to the order and can be bought or rented for a certain service. The goods and temperature can be controlled remotely through an app that manages the whole service turning it into a SMART BOX. To prevent theft, a press hook will support and secure the BOX and ensure safety and monitoring.

Pain Point

PAIN POINTS: 1. Customer absence/solution: an access code and an app to manage deliveries and alerts. 2. Theft: pressure system that only allows the release of the box after entering code. 3. Space - different sizes as needed; renting option; sharing, which encourages the spirit of community

Product in its environment

Each box can have predefined sizes and will be placed on each door or shared on the same floor, this concept will allow a reduction of used space and facilitate the delivery service. The exterior material guarantee preservation and easy access due gravitational reversion system

Product views

A coating suitable to conserve the interior goods. Wheels / handles to guarantee easy mobility and access. Extra removable partition for sharing. A digital display that allows you to control and access the interior. A security and support hook that allows the intelligent integration.

Product in use

An intelligent unlock and a remotely controlled through an entire service management app. This interactive part allows a series of indispensable functions in the future like: intelligent management, integrated agenda, control of interior characteristics and preservation ...

Additional info

Frost post target group and additional uses. RENTAL: From the delivery company (UPS etc), Directly with the purchase company, From city services company (POST companies...) BUY: Have your unit at home, Have your condo unit. APP: The APP will manage all the delivery and conditions of each FROST.