Your fresh unit with smart integration, independent cooler unit and multifunctional

Target groups

Other (A target that are not fixed in a site and that look for movable solutions capable to fit into their agenda. Companies that wants to delivery a mobile service integrated and adapted to smart cities.)


Time is something that is increasingly difficult to control and our daily routines can not be too complex and the more facilitated the better. Our days are extended and passed in different places because our way of life has changed and more and more the notion of work space and living space, fuses in multifunctional and temporary environments. The experiences provided require multifunctionality and adaptability.


Any integrated smart solution that allows remote control, adapted to different needs, with modularity and that can be used by different users will be a solution to keep. A "COLDPOOL" concept synchronised with your schedule that allows you to choose the location that suits you best and adjusted to your mobility.


SYMBIO is the perfect integration between need and user experience. Each unit can have different sizes, be integrated in exterior or interior spaces, easily merging with the urbanism that surrounds it. SYMBIO will act as our "safe box" that can be opened in different places of the city depending on our needs. I can access a SYMBIO near my place of work or at the entrance of my building and due to its conservation features there are no conditions.

Pain Point

A place to "welcome" our orders that may be where we are, because sometimes we need our orders in different places than our home. A safe and easy to reach place to store our orders and also keep some belong for a scheduled time. A portability unit that can be used for short-term functions.

Product in its environment

SYMBIO is the perfect integration in any space, a sustainable unit or a functional display. It can work outdoors having a urban and community function because its display allows interaction with the cloud, or be placed in interior spaces and smaller sizes, function as an air purifier/vertical garden

Product views

SMART integrated, multi-function storage unit: 1. side panel according to environment or need. Outdoor unit with information function or indoor unit with purifying / environmental function. 2. Different storage spaces for different needs. 3. use and remote management depending on user access.

Product in use

The integrated App and geolocator allow a quick identification of the different SYMBIOS so that you can choose the most convenient and adapted to your day. The connection with any delivery system facilitates the whole process and allows a constant tracking of the same.

Additional info

A mini portable unit can be removed from each space and used in different situations to keep the goodies refrigerated. This unit works with the release of nitrogen in very small quantities after detecting the need for refrigeration. It is rechargeable in each SYMBIO .

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