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Optimizing delivery packaging & modes so that robots deliver Your purchases efficiently.

Target groups

Other (Home delivery customers. Unattended delivery customers. )


It is natural for humans to feel uncomfortable about strangers entering their homes, kitchens, etc. Hence, until quite recently, customers would either choose to have someone home to accept a delivery, or choose to have the delivery left at the door.


Inside-the-home delivery requires trust, and every now and then a report of an unscrupulous delivery person will shake up people's comfort levels.


Unlike human in-home delivery personnel, robots can be trusted to not steal, or commit crimes. They are less intrusive from a privacy point of view if they are programmed to respect the privacy in the home, i.e. not record images or audio when inside, etc.

Therefore, my idea is to combine robotic deliverypersons with Miele-innovation delivery packaging (boxes, bags, etc) that are optimized for use with robotic deliverypersons, and - in homes that have them- the home assistant robots, too.

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Product in its environment


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