Cool Door
A smart fridge associated with front door using controlled heterogeneous distribution of temperature

Target groups

Other (ِAnyone who lives in a home and orders delivery)


Delivery man reaches your front door, but...

  • No one at home to pick up your order.
  • You are home but you can't open the door for some reasons.
  • Elderly, disabled persons, children at home but cannot reach the front door or don't want to deal with strangers.
  • Multi item order with different items temperature requirements.
  • Multiple orders from different suppliers.


We need a secured product can safely receive and store different items and keep each one of them in the appropriate environment with the lower energy consumption.

The required solution must not be limited to partnership with any of the giant retailers.. We need a device allows us to order delivery from anyone can deliver his goods, even the smallest grocery store on the corner of the street.


It is not only a fridge.. It is a complete solution for a smart and fully controlled front door system via miele@mobile application..

  • Secured and Anti-theft 2 sided fridge with a smart electronic double lock.
  • Multiple chambers (up to 5) to receive multiple orders / items each of which needs a different temperature using controlled heterogeneous distribution of temperature technology.
  • Letter box, and even a safe box.
  • Door bell and video door intercom with control of front door lock.

Pain Point

Cool Door will solve all these issues...

  • Multi item order with different temperature requirements
  • Multiple orders from different suppliers
  • Postman has a parcel for you
  • Your mechanic brings your repaired car and wants to leave the key
  • Your kid comes back and you are stuck in a traffic jam

Product in its environment

Making an order; your app will determine required temperature for each item according to its barcode and creates a unique code to send to supplier.

When delivery man starts entering this code you will be notified and the external camera will be turned ON sending a live stream video to your mobile.

Product views

Entering code opens external fridge door, locks the internal and turns internal camera on.

Depositing order and pushing END button closes external door, unlocks internal and turns both cameras OFF.

In multi chambers versions; an electro mechanical lift replaces the used chamber with an empty one.

Product in use

When a multi item order arrives, with different temperature for each item, the solution is the heterogeneous distribution of temperature.

This electronically controlled system pumps cold air in a regulated manner across several nozzles, providing each item with the required temperature accurately.

Additional info

When there is no enough space next to front door, you can hang a wall mounted type near the stairs or in the Lobby.

You have the choice between different sizes (40 - 200 liters).. The standard (microwave size) and multi chambers (up to 5) with the same outdoor shape and different indoor heights.

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