Frost locker + e-bike station
Frost locker + e-bike cargo station on the way, residences, bus/train station, public places.

Target groups

Other (working people, not at home)


Ordering food online will be the convenient way to shop in near future. How will be the orders received, especially, when most of the day people are not at home?


The foods have to be carried to a point, where they can be safely stored and cooled, until the customer is able to carry the food home.


This frosted locker pack stations have to be on the way from work or particular place near home, that it can be reached easily. By special app for buying, there is further a online service with a code for the locker to open and get the purchased foods safely and cool. To carry the delivery easy to your hme, take a e-bike addicted to the station

Pain Point

pain point is, if the frost locker station is a little bit far from your home and the foods to transport is heavy. So the lockers are combined with a station for e-bikes to take with the code of your delivery, and bring it back on the way to work or place to go, the next day. Electricity is there!

Product in its environment

in a public place, bus/train station, appartement houses, working buildings,...

Product views

additional photovoltaic cells on the roof top, for the needed electricity for frost lockers and e-bike station for more sustainability

Product in use

will come

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