Coolbox Concept
A cooled safe box system which will be able to receive and store your food while you are away.

Target groups

Other (Busy clients, restaurants, and small food businesses)


The system is designed to receive and store food in the best condition for couple of hours or couple of days and will be available for everybody. Depending on the size of the system this could be scaled up for large restaurants or large businesses which involve food.


The system has a wide range usage and depending on the size of the Coolbox System it could be used for every place starting with a small apartment to a large industrial or commercial complex.


The Coolbox System works on the same platform as a cooking hood just in a reversed way. The system won’t have high costs as the technology is new but the actual system parts are not expensive. It will make the concept useful for every house and for a wide variety of clients.

Pain Point

The Coolbox System Designed to receive and store your food in best conditions while you are away from home. The system will be integrated into the wall and has three main elements with the design of an ATM System - The Coolbox Receiver - The Transfer System - Inside Coolbox

Product in its environment

  • The Coolbox Receiver will be placed on the exterior wall, it will be made from aluminum and will be equiped with a screen, a sensor and the acces door.
  • The Transfer System will be used to transfer the products from outside to inside Coolbox
  • The inside Coolbox is a modern fridge mounted inside.

Product views

The additional elements will be: - The safety door designed to seal the system and keep a constant temperature by separating the outside receiver from the inside cooling system. - The notification centre on the inside Coolbox Screen wich will notify you if you have new products inside the fridge.

Product in use

The acces to the system from outside will be available using the Coolbox app. This will notify you when your food package has been delivered to your home and you will allow access of the delivery guy via a unique code.

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