Transforming from delivery box to fridge shelf - w.i.p.
A versatile delivery box that can adapt its size and go right into your fridge as a shelf.

Target groups

Other (Busy people who would rather not have to arrange and rearrange their perishable purchases in the fridge.)


  1. Fridge shelves inevitably become cluttered over time. People tend to stock the fridge shelves from the front. Food that's around too long moves to the back and sometimes spoils there.
  2. Even if a home delivery service involves the delivery person stocking the perishables in your fridge shelf/shelves, you really cannot expect his/her to spend too much time arranging a mix of new and old contents for you.


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Perishables to be refrigerated shall be delivered to the home in a box that's designed to slide right into a refrigerator. That is, the delivery box transforms into a shelf, that fits perfectly and even integrates into some smart functions of the refrigerator. Putting in a box/shelf may often involve sliding out an empty shelf that was installed during the previous home delivery. Thus the shelf space gets organized with each delivery, and time is saved for deliveryperson as well as customer.

Pain Point

Concept in development. Graphics design collaborators are welcome!

Product in its environment

The delivery box sides are designed to slide into the fridge, just like the standard shelves in the fridge. It will also be possible to decrease the size of the delivery box, to save on space in transport, e.g. by a factor of 1/3 or 2/3rd.

Product views


Product in use


Additional info

Given that not every customer is being delivered a full box at every visit, it makes economic and environmental sense that the delivery vehicle not have to transport half-empty boxes AND cool them. Therefore, one secondary goal is for the boxes to be size adjustable: e.g. by adjusting the width.