In & Out Fridge
A mobile transport box that works both in the interior and the exterior of the private place.

Target groups

Other (For current Miele users, also for people living in apartment units or unifamiliar houses.)


Nowadays technological revolution brings people into dreaming more and more to efficient ways of shortening their boring or unpleasant activities after work and in their free time. Going to the supermarket and carrying a bag full of groceries back home can be such an activity, which both men and women can feel rather stresful than pleasant to do it. Also, the online delivery apps have a major disadvantage - the delivery program doesn't match the users work program.


Finding a solution to handle the online grocery commerce, while not being at home, as well as using the solution both as a delivery box and a fridge component.


The In & Out Fridge acts as a smart mobile fridge box, which can be used to deliver your online groceries while you are not there. You just take it from the specific numbered support from your front door when you arrive home and place it into your existing Miele fridge. Once you empty the box, you bring it back to the support and it can be reused for further orders.

Pain Point

When ordering online, the delivery program usually coincides with the remote user's 9 to 5 program, so nobody's at home to pick up the fresh groceries and even if it does, the groceries won't be fresh anymore when brought in the evening, especially if they are delievered from the market.

Product in its environment

The fridges can be mounted both on existing walls or on their own leg, independent from the walls. Beside the fridge option, they can also have app connection with the users phone for extra safety, a smart cleaning option and also GPS tracking system, in order to know its exact position on the road.

Product views

The In & Out Mobile Fridge can have different compartments for products of different sizes, from pills to eggs, vegetables, meat or cheese. The organic shape is constructed as a third of a Reuleaux Triangle and can permit depositing products of different sizes and shapes.

Product in use

The product works both as a fridge component and as a delivery box, so the user scenario starts from placing your order online, then your groceries are being delivered in the In & Out Fridge, placed in the rack, you take them when you arrive and you put the box back in the rack for further uses.

Additional info

The interaction between the different proccesses and factors implied in the delivery circle - from the remote user to the delivered box, the delivery service, the product supplies and back to the user.