Provider can open small fridge in Front-Door of House/Flat. Fridge is a part in a process.

Target groups

Other (Every owner of a house/ flat. It can also be fixed in a old or new door frame. Targetgroup is independent of sociodemographic dependencies. Deliberately addresses the broad consumers, not the somelier)


When nobody is at home so nobody can open. When there is no time to go shopping there is the possibility to do it on a mobile device. Order from anywhere and get your product at home. As online shopping becomes more and more popular, this solution should be the standard in every household to preserve fresh goods without destroying the work lifetime balance with daily shopping.


There must be a divice witch can open your front door without let somebody in your home. Like a lock only for cooled goods. Daily shopping disturbs the daily planning and becomes too bad. Therefore, the area of online shopping is growing. But to get the goods to where I need them there has to be an interface between my privacy and the accessible space. Therefore, this solution is a sluice to get a safe alternative here.


A Front-Door with a small fridge witch can be opend by a code from the outside. A sluice with cooling function around the cold chain were too. On the edge: most goods were spoiled on the way home from the store because the cold chain is interrupted uncontrollably. This solution ensures the preservation of the cold chain.

Pain Point

The door is only a part of a shopping process. It works like a sluice.

Product in its environment

It´s a sluice witch can fixed in every door frame. In a new frame also in an old frame of a flat or house.

Product views

The door design can be different. It is important that no fridge is visible from the outside.

Product in use

The frige is a part of the complete shopping process with the benefit of an unbroken cold chain!