On-door foldable cooling shelf.

Target groups

Other (everyone)


Every house has a front door.


The door is the ideal spot to place a device that keeps groceries cold until you arrive home. But how can that be done as cheaply as possible, work for all fresh grocery providers, and without creating a device that is always in the way?


Ondo is a cooling shelf that folds when not used and unfolds in order to place the delivery bag and keep it cold. 1) Ondo is firmly secured to any door with 2 suction cups on each side. 2) When placing the grocery bag, Ondo unfolds revealing the metallic cooling surface. 3) Ondo connects to the home wi-fi system and notifies the owner, through the app, when the package has arrived. 4) Ondo also sends security notifications in case the bag is removed without approval and starts a car-like alarm.

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