A portable chiller box to use in refrigerator, on front door and anywhere in home

Target groups

Other (People between 20-50, small family, couple or single | who will use online shopping for groceries)


Every new gadget contributes to the electronics crowd in the home environment. People may hesitate to buy an innovative product because they are tired of filling their home with new stuff.


Innovative products should blend with its environment but add value to user's life. Flexibility in use context is an important advantage for this kind of home electronics.


FlexiBox is a portable chiller box which can be used in the refrigerator (creating extra storage with temperature control), on the front door of the house (for accepting grocery deliveries), or anywhere in the house when needed. It is insulated and it has refrigerating element powered by a battery which lasts 20 hours.

Pain Point

When a user buys a new product, where to store the product is a pain point. Because of lack of space in home, users may hesitate to buy an innovative product even the product is beneficial for him/her.

Product in its environment

IN THE REFRIGERATOR: an extra storage box with temperature control | ON THE FRONT DOOR OF THE HOUSE: when the user waits for a grocery delivery

Product views

The product is designed in a style which is suitable for Miele refrigerators. Its battery is charged in the refrigerator, and the battery can refrigerate the box for 20 hours.

Product in use

IN THE REFRIGERATOR: the product is charged in the refrigerator | ON THE FRONT DOOR OF THE HOUSE: product can be attached to the exterior of the front door, the deliverer will open the locked box with a barcode ANYWHERE IN HOME: as a portable refrigerator to chill out

Additional info

Portable chiller is able to be used anywhere in the house with its 20 hours battery life. For example; for keeping your beer cold when watching TV, keeping the beverages cold when it is BBQ time, having cold fruits in the living room at summers