A cooling box that increases in size when it's filled.

Target groups

Other (20+ years old - working - rural/urban setting)


The target group is made up of ordinary working people that need a conveniently placed storing unit to keep their groceries fresh and safe until they arrive home.


The door is the ideal spot to place a device that keeps groceries cold until you arrive home. But how can that be done as cheaply as possible, work for all fresh grocery providers, and without creating a device that is always in the way?


Tardis is a cooling box that is thinner when not in use and thicker when there are groceries inside. 1) Tardis is firmly secured to any door with 4 suction cups placed in the corners. 2) When placing the groceries inside, it increases in size like a telescope, in order to create the needed space. 3) Tardis connects to the home wi-fi system and notifies the owner, through the app, when the package has arrived.

Pain Point

A box that keeps groceries safe and at the right temperature until the owner arrives home sounds like a great idea but normally a big unit like that would take a lot of space near the entrance and would be always in the way. The Tardis solves that problem.

Product in its environment

When expanded, the Tardis will hold all groceries safely and at the right temperature until the owner arrives home.

Product views

When not in use, the box stays small and thin against the door so it doesn't get in the way. When groceries are inside, the box increases almost 3 times in size. Just by looking at it, the user knows if the groceries have arrived or not.

Product in use

The Tardis is controlled with the Miele app. 1) The delivery person uses it to open the box in order to place the groceries inside. 2) The owner is notified through the app when the package has arrived. 3) The owner unlocks the Tardis when he wants to take out the groceries.

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