ALFRED - The Proximity Detector
A smart fridge that detects when the grocery man comes and opens its door.

Target groups

Other (Tech savvies, busy millenials, Miele consumers, both people with their own house and appliances, as well as travellers, students & tourists using rented flats and transient spaces, for a while.)


Tech savvies, gadget loving busy people or busy millenials are keen into innovative solutions to make things easier when it comes to online shopping while they are not at home. Nowadays smart fridges started to become more and more connected to their users, yet with needs not fully resolved yet - connecting the inside products tracking system to the remote user and connecting the delivery units to the fridge, by permitting the products to be delivered inside your home, while you are not there.


The necesity of online ordered groceries to arrive directly into their fridge, while they are not home, completely safe, hassle free, easy and convenient - connecting the whole proccess with the remote user, through incorporated communication systems.


The Proximity Detector links the private space with the public one, permitting the delivery man to enter the home and put all the groceries inside the fridge. It can work as a fridge component connected to the entrance door and the remote user on one side and to the delivery unit on the other. When the delivery man approaches your door with the right groceries setted to be delivered, the detector permits the entrance door to be opened and the products to be deposited in the fridge.

Pain Point

Techies at work with nobody at home when the groceries arrive, both people with their own home, but also people living for a while in shared/rented spaces and working/studying/travelling abroad, with no time and skills to access the local markets, yet willing to have local fresh groceries daily.

Product in its environment

Groceries tracking, remote user communication, online order, door opening, securing the closing, announcing the delivery.

Product views

Incorporated device of tracking, detection and communication, linked to the tracking device of the existing groceries inside the fridge - and also the service, which implies smart sensor connected to the entrance door and mobile tracking device for the delivery unit, all of them interconnected.

Product in use

Miele can collaborate with both Airbnb or other hospitality industry, to offer a premium service for the customers who want to experience the use of the smart fridge, it can also collaborate with Amazon, in order to incorporate a vaster delivery service, connected also with the smart food tracking.

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