Ice Gate
The whole front door works as fridge, the delivery can be put into it from outside.

Target groups

Other (Families, house owners, people that want to order products that need to be cooled.)


Delivery that needs to be cooled needs to be put into the fridge after having been delivered to the customers. If the customer is not at home the delivery cannot be left on the stairs. Finally many customers do not order such delivery at all.


If the front door becomes a fridge cool delivery could be placed in it until the customers comes home.


A front door that combines a safe door and a fridge. By using the entire door enough space can be provided to fit a delivery. As the delivery can open it from outside, the customer doesn't need to be home. Smart functions can start the cooling system half an hour before the delivery. The front door fridge perfectly uses the space between the walls and the appartment.

Pain Point

Fresh delivery can't be delivered if customer is not at home. Ice Gate solves that problem by providing a door with integrated fridge/freezer, smart functions, design integration, safety, space management with no need to build the whole house to accommodate it. Ice Gate fits into any door!

Product in its environment

Ice Gate with fridge box opened, inside is a transparent basket, which can be filled. The front door is closed while the delivery can fill it with goods. Via smart functionality the fridge is turned on half an hour before the delivery. In addition it informs the customer about the state.

Product views

On the left side the Ice Gate door is opened to the inside of the appartment. The customer can unpack the delivery by taking out the transparent baskets. on the right the Ice Gate door is closed and the baskets are inside, ready to be taken to the kitchen.

Product in use

The delivery service can open the fridge boxes from the outside via smartphone, then goods can be filled into the fridge boxes. When the customers arrives at home, they can take out the transparent baskets and carry them to the kitchen.

Additional info

From the inside the Ice Gate can be controlled via touch screen. The touch screen also monitors the the entrance hall, thus visitors can be identified before one opens the door.