Smart trolley
A trolley with cooling functionality and multi level boxes can be locked to the front door.

Target groups

Other (All people that want to order fresh things an do not have much space in front of the door.)


Delivery that needs to be cooled cannot be left in front of the door. The food items inside the a traditional cooling box are loose and not ordered well. Cooling boxes filled with food that have an internal cooling functionality are heavy and not confortable to transport.


It will need a more comfortable to handle cooling box and in addition a lock functionality, so the delivery keeps fresh and nobody can steal it.


The trolley is easily to transport because it has wheels. As it consists of multi level boxes the food can be ordered and can easily transfered from the trolley to the fridge. A locking adapter alows the delivery guy to plug/lock the trolley to the front door. When being plugged the cooling system of the trolley is provided with energy. Furthermore the customer will be informed after the cooling trolley had been plugged in. The trolley is provided by the delivery service or bought privately.

Pain Point

Never miss a delivery again. A smart trolley gets delivered or just filled and plug-locked in front of the door. The trolley consists of boxes, boxes can be added or removed. In order to get the food into the kitchen in a confortable way the trolly has a handle and wheels.

Product in its environment

The trolley consists of multiple levels to keep the food ordered. In addition it has a internal cooling functionality. Because of its narrow shape it perfectly fits into any entrance hall. Via smart functionalities customer get informed about the delivery state.

Product views

After rolling the multi-level trolley into the kitchen comfotably unpack the trolley. The food is ordered in boxes and can be carried near to the fridge.

Product in use

Via the Miele smart trolley service all necessary infos during the delivery process are displayed. In addition it allows the delivery service and the customer to unlock the smart trolley, so it can be moved , filled or unpacked.

Additional info

Close up of the plug-lock, it is similar to a bike lock. The plug-lock is pluged into the Miele wall adapter. It locks the trolley to the wall and provide energy to it. It consist of a metal chain and electric wires. To unlock the trolley you need to use a digital key via smartphone.

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