harmonica cooler
flexible cooling box with metall bottom and top lid, flexible material to enlarge for food order bag

Target groups

Other (all households)


increasing online shopping for foods looks for cooled storage, when not at home


so there is a flexible cooling box for easily put in front of the door, when a oerder is expected to delivered


a cooling box in front of the door, which is secure with the closed door, it enlarges, when foods are delivered, by opening the hard metall lid on top. and liftening the flexible base material. Put the food bag in and close the top lid with a code to lock, that is sended by an app to the customer, with the message that the delivery arrived. The cooling starts via cooling gel at the bottom that is activated by pressure of weight of delivery and stay cool in insulated textile flexible material.

Pain Point

cooling starts with the delivery and the weight of it activates the cooling gel at the bottom, flexible to size of delivery, by insulated textile material, secured with the door leaf by belt with stopper

Product in its environment

in front of door appartements, houses

Product views

can be opened and enlarged by integrated handle, display for function, easily installed with a stopper belt to the door leaf for anti-theft

Product in use

enlarge by handle to push in height and open the cooler, place in the delivery and close the upper lid. The cooling gel gets activated at the bottom and foods stay cool by the insulated textile flexible material. All features by digital app connected with the cooler display.

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