Target groups

Other (Customers that are budget conscious and convenience driven + B2B partners)


For the target group, convenience is king, and if that convenience can also come with a low price tag, it would be perfect.


There is a need for a SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE and EASY TO IMPLEMENT system that will bring a slight change to how fresh deliveries are made. Miele will not only provide the cooling unit - UMBI SOLO but also the bag - UMBI BAG by partnering up with big grocery chains in the beginning. This is a realistic scenario that could become the norm by 2025 because when something has many advantages compared to what exists today and the implementation is simple and cheap, it will happen.


UMBI has 2 main elements: 1)The UMBI SOLO cooling unit that is fixed with 2 strong suction cups to the door. 2)The simple and cheap insulated UMBI BAG that every fresh grocery provider can use. The handle is actually a tube that connects to the cooling unit which pumps cold air into the bag in order to keep the produce fresh for much longer. The unit is connected to the home wifi system and alerts the owner when the package has arrived/the tube connection was made or broken without permission.

Pain Point

In a world where CONVENIENCE IS KING, do we really need another big expensive complicated box to keep groceries fresh when they arrive at the doorstep? They already arrive in an insulated bag, let's just take advantage of that and make the temperature inside it colder for a longer period of time.

Product in its environment

The handle of the bag turns into a tube (umbilical cord) that sends cold air from the UMBI SOLO cooling unit into the insulated UMBI BAG. Once the tube is attached, the bag is now secured to the unit and can only be removed with permission from the UMBI APP.

Product views

As an alternative to the UMBI SOLO there could also be a shareable larger cooling unit, the UMBI COMBO.

Product in use

1) When ordering at the fresh food delivery service, users will have to confirm that they are using Miele UMBI. so that the groceries will arrive in the UMBI BAG. 2) The UMBI APP will inform the owner when the package has arrived/the tube connection was made or broken without permission.

Additional info

UMBI COMBO, the more powerful free-standing shareable cooling unit can be placed in safe establishments near the users home, in restaurants, corner shops, coffee shops etc. The unit could keep cold 5 or more UMBI BAGS. The user just picks up the bag on their way home.

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