The IceCube
The is plastic box with a cooling compartment and smart lock that keeps your groceries fresh.

Target groups

Other (online shoppers, smartphone owners, people with internet access)


Most people are now used to shopping for various things ranging from gadgets to groceries online. Deliveries to the homes by delivery vans or men have also become normal because it is more convenient. However, due busy schedules or some unplanned circumstances, some clients might not available at home when the delivery truck or man arrives.


In such an advanced age, customers do not need to worry about their groceries after buying them , neither do they need to be at home to receive them. Their groceries can happily wait for them instead while they go about their daily activities.


The IceCube is a trackable and environment friendly box made of recyclable plastic. It has a cooling compartment that can keep your groceries fresh for up to 12 hours. It also comes has a smart lock that can be only be unlocked by the customer through his/her smartphone. Clients can order their groceries to be delivered to their homes in an IceCube if they won't be available when the delivery arrives.

Pain Point

The IceCube is trackable so it can be seen by both the client and the staff of Miele. It is also securely locked by a pin that is automatically and randomly generated. This pin is known only to the client to which that IceCube is assigned to. It is also robust yet light to carry around.

Product in its environment

An IceCube waiting for its client at home while he/she is away. The client can track the location of the groceries through the app on their smart phone. After use, the IceCube is returned by the client to the nearest IceCube drop-off zone for pick up by Miele trucks/vans.

Product views

The IceCube can be unlocked anytime by the user through his/her smartphone to access the groceries. The IceCube is spacious and very light weight so it can be easily moved/carried by the user. It can keep your groceries cool for up to 12 hours.

Product in use

The flow of the product from the company, to the consumer and back.