Smart deliveries into your own fridge without bridging your privacy

Target groups

Other (25-55 planning to buy new flat, all real estate developers)


Flat owners - have no time for shopping and/or replacing deliveries from other containers. They don't like/want strangers to enter their flats especially when they are out.

Developers - need all possible facilities to make their flats more attractive to possible buyers.


We need delivery made right to the fridge with smart locks preventing burglaries and or access to our other products.


The solution is a new thinking about apartment planning. Like in the past we had to start thinking about the plumbing, waste drop system or central vacuum cleaner now it's time for smart deliveries. In this case the idea concerns a new fridge concept that is wall mounted and opens both to the kitchen and to the outside corridor or staircase. This allows the delivery to be made right into the fridge without violating the privacy of the owners.

Pain Point

In order to prevent access to the goods already stored in the fridge we need to design a locking system allowing access only to the delivery space from the outside and full access from the inside.

Product in its environment

Top view of an apartment shows one of many ways to organize space in order to use 2 Sided Miele efficiently

Product views

2 ways access to the fridge for the owner and for the delivery

Product in use

The corridor delivery access door may be minimalistic and concealed to make this product more attractive to the developers.