Cool Basket by Miele
Smart cooling basket for delivering groceries

Target groups

Other (People with fast and modern lifestyle (Mostly people in suburbs who own houses))


In modern time people work a lot and they do not have much time for other activities so fast and efficient way of groceries shopping is a must.


Groceries shopping sometimes take too much time especially when your are coming home from work, you are tired and do not want to loss time on groceries shopping. Ordering groceries from comfort of your home helps a lot.


This idea offers groceries shopping in only few clicks using your smartphone. Delivery is safe, hygienic and groceries remain cooled.

Pain Point

This is Cool Basket by Miele. It can come in many different colors. It uses GPS so customer could track its order. It is equipped with numeric pad where customer enters the code that is provided for his order. Once order is packed nothing can affect groceries until end customer is reached.

Product in its environment

Smartphone app is provided for Cool Basket. It is used for placing order. Once you have placed your order you receive code for your order (you are the only one to know it) which you will use latter on to open the basket. Using this app you can also track your order.

Product views

Electronic terrace is also provided for Cool Basket. It is placed on the wall from outside and it is used to place Cool Basket on it if customer is not home. It provides electricity for Cool Basket so groceries can remain cooled for very long period of time, until customer gets home.

Product in use

Cool Basket placed on Electronic terrace