City Cooler
City Cooler - Cold storage system for everyone

Target groups

Other (Male-Female, 20-60, working/buisness person )


We are living in a generation, where people don´t have time to buy products in a supermarket . Buying products by internet is very comun, also products which has to been frozen like food or medicine.


There is a storage box needed, which cooles your product until you have the time to pick it up. But there are a lot of different shipping agencies, so it is hard to find a solution, which works for everyone and can be shared with everyone to avoid high costs.


The idea is to create a storage system with different-size boxes, which everyone can use and also allows different quantity of delivery. CityCooler is especially made for multi-family bulidings (also can be used in streets/distrcts) and is installed by the owner/architect of the building for more convinience to the tentant.

Pain Point

The pain point is the products, which needs to be cooled to not molder.

Product in its environment

Especially made for multi-family buildings. The idea is to share the Cooler system and use different sizes of boxes ( depending the delivery ). It also can be shared by streets/districts

Product views

Easy cooler system with a clear design and a display in the middle. Lighted numbers, let the supplier know, if the door is occupied or free.

Product in use

Easy handling system for everyone. There is no other app or agency needed to solve the problem, how every shipping agency can use it. This system is made for all suppliers ( Like DHL, FedEx, UPS,.. ). The supplier only has to put in the tracking number to storage the delivery, also the consumer.