MODULAR COOLER is a doable solution that can be implemented for every type of residence building.

Target groups

Other (This concept is thinked to be used by all the people all over the world.)


Time is very important for everyone of us, and with this product we can reduce considerably the time accorded to for shoppings, especially for those products which are filling our refrigerator.


Then we need something revolutionary that can change that for all of us. And this will help our health because we will eat fresh products delivered in optimum condition.


I can say that MODULAR COOLER is a doable solution that can be implemented for every type of residence building - house, apartment blocks, vacation house, also is a viable concept for any type or region.

Pain Point

When you put it on the Landing Pad, the Click & Lock system provides you all the security needed also energy for charging battery. There are some pins through information data is sent to MODULAR COOLER and make it capable to be unlock by the registered finger print.

Product in its environment

Customer can achieve one or more MODULAR COOLERs to use them for bring aliments in his classic refrigerator, or he can use them to insert directly in his Miele MODULAR Refrigerator.

Product views

Product sizes are aprox. : 55cm height, and 20cm on both widths. Landing pads can be networked if the final customer needs that (e.g. for restaurants, etc).

Product in use

MODULAR COOLER has the capability to be changed wireless, and needs that when it's on delivery way with the utility car.Another plus of this solution is that the delivery cars only needs now wireless charging capacity instead of cooling capacity which is more expensive.

Additional info

Also it will be available an mobile app, which customer optionally can use it to see how delivery goes, add something else to existing orders, cancel order, contact the service, or unlock the MODULAR COOLER (backup option to finger print unlock).