A custom cooling membrane that adapts to groceries' shape and temperature.

Target groups

Other (anyone who uses food delivery services... 15+ )


Convenience, sustainability, smartness in space, energy, connectivity, etc. , design... are things that we all like having around us , and having clever solutions that make our lives easier w/o adding bulk and complications to our surroundings...

For these kinds of problems, we need solutions that are almost invisible, and that don't add complexity to the actual processes, and take valuable space in our households. something clean and flexible...


FLEXIBILITY... yes, to be able to transform something from one thing to another and be able to perform diferent and various tasks with this transformation. we need stuff and gadjets that don't just do 1 function, we need stuff that deliver not 100% ( solve 1 problem) but stuff that solve many problems.. something like delivering 500%...

to think beyond the box...


This flexible membrane, adapts to your groceries shape and temperature, giving only the necessary cold to the product that needs it, keeping each product in its perfect state.

while not in use, the membrane does not use any energy or space, its "invisible".

Keeps groceries cool & clean , not only by refrigeration, but also using vaccum sealing and isolation. energy efficient.

mielembrane can hold not only cool groceries, but any kind

no energy wasted to cool empty space

Pain Point

Mielembrane is flat, it will transform according what it has inside... and provide custom cooling to each and every product.

Mielembrane is accessed from the outside by firgerprint, which the owner pre-approves.

mb is a step in between courier and customer. food stays not in or out but inbetween

Product in its environment

easy access to chilled food

Product views

the science.

after the food is inserted in the flat flexible mielembrane, the membrane will proceed to vaccum seal itself keeping the groceries insulated and custom chilled by the smart sensor grid.

the membrane will adapt to the groceries shape , size and temp.

Product in use


Additional info

flexibility & possibilities for other services

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