Miele delivery unit
It is urban delivery unit, which standing near client's house

Target groups

Other (people with a lack of time, who live in rural environment, who don't want buy build in boxes in door)


Future is going to facilitate our life , the idea of delivery is not new, but the progress is running by spiral, it's high time to reconsider the phenomenon of delivery.


We understand the fact that not every human will buy special fridge for taking delivery, we consider the idea of outdoor fridge with special mechanism of reception and issue, the prototype of mechanism like that could be the automatic parking, when your car is taken into certain box and moved to free cell in line. The unit must have interactive screen which will use by deliveryman and client, for example through simple number of order.


With our submission we solve problems of : -buying special equipment (this point take by the company which will manufacture it, in this case Miele should made it by themself or collaborate with company manufacturer); -waisting time in supermarket; -possibility to order the products by your smart device; -facility of acces near your house Solution is installing the units throughout the city, position of this units depend on population of clients in certain district.

Pain Point

units should place in living districts of town. To identifying the count and frequency of units it is important to make a research of the certain town or area for placing objects of delivery.

Product in its environment

Just black box with MIELE logo in any enviroment. Main idea is place it throughout the city

Product views

We emphasize the main thing in this object - it is outdoor fridge with special mechanism of reception and issue of products. Large number of boxes - definitely not, just one window.

Product in use

Object should be installed in place which has general access from any point of district. One object serve certain distance in the space of city