Modular Home Delivery -UPDATED 5 June
A modular and autonomous home delivery system for chilled goods.

Target groups

Other (Everybody)


To deliver chilled goods you need both low temperature transportation and storage until the goods are received by the client.


Modern technology allows chilled food transportation and fast autonomous home delivery. Also the delivery should be safe and vandalism free. Space is also important as external mailboxes or such solution occupy space.


An autonomous moving refrigerator with a nest of drones that can deliver goods to special refrigerators placed on the outside of buildings with access from the inside. This solution should be cost efficient (no delivery man), theft and vandalism free, using almost no space as it's placed half outside the building.

Pain Point

The main paint points are: keeping the food fresh, delivery time, theft and vandalism, storage space, access into the delivery point, human interaction and service cost. All of these are solved using autonomous delivery directly into the client's home and also keeping the food cool all the time.

Product in its environment

The autonomous delivery vehicle is full electric and uses mecanum wheels with no need for steering making it fast in crowded spaces. It carries a swarm of drones with food containers. The containers are kept cool by a refrigerating system. Each delivery box contains partition boxes.

Product views

Different views of all the system's components.

Product in use

The package is delivered by an aerial drone directly into a semi-external delivery fridge with automated access from both outside and inside the house. The system uses full automatic secured communication between the delivery vehicle, drone and delivery fridge.

Additional info

The service will be provided by a collaboration between Miele, multiple delivery companies and a car production company with Miele providing the refrigeration system inside the car and the home units. The home units would be owned by the costumers as they can receive orders from multiple providers.