Parking back home, charging the car and picking up the pre-ordered groceries; for a seamless journey

Target groups

Other (Customer:cityhalls. End user:urban car commuters.)


The rise of electric cars is adding electricity points in our city landscape, and being integral parts of our daily commute. The location of these charging points are thought to be well distributed around the city for convenience and reach of the user from they home.


The use of existing infrastructure and growing need seems a perfect match with another daily need -groceries-. Both using electricity for cooling or car charging, and both needing to be seemlessly integrated in the way home. Cities will have to enrich their infrastructure and will need reliable partner, equipement and maintenance service.


The ParkandPickup is a city module that provides drop and pickup point for the fresh deliveries, at reach from home. Parking back home, charging the car and picking up the pre-ordered groceries. The user may have the option to preselect a list of prefered ParkandPick. From a business model side, Miele is a partner to the cities to strategize on electric points and provide the equipment to the city with a additional maintenance servicing as recuring revenue.

Pain Point

The pain points of many new services or commodities are their lack of integration in the existing user flow/journey., or their lack of flexibility. The Park&PickUp aims to be flexibles in term of location deliveries, time of pickup & opening times possibles, and user’s journey.

Product in its environment

The module has a car charging point and a refridgerated module. Scanning the QR code of the order, unlocks to door to pick up the goods. The light projected on the floor offers a quick glance of the availability of the boot for the deliverers, and gives the user confirmation that their goods are in.

Product views

Made of two module parts, one dedicated to the energy providing abd one using energy (if needed) for deliveries.

Product in use

Scanning the QR code provided by the deliverer gives access to the delivery area.

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