Miele freshride
A refridgerated module for car boots, for professinal drivers -Uber- for in between rides delivery

Target groups

Other (Professional drivers like Uber or other companies)


Individual driversand services such as Uber, or blablacar are booming, so are the amount of cars available at anytime, anywhere. However there are many small gaps in the day without rides.


Small gaps in a rider’s agenda is a perfect opportunity for picking and delivering goods to a near location.


The freshride system allow drivers to check on the Miele’s freshride app for local deliveries needed to be delivered. The system only shows the location where the user is home, and the location of grocery pick up. On the user’s side, only allowing gps tracking of the phone is needed. The system will understand when the user is arrived home, and will be automatically sending the delivery request to local drivers.

Pain Point

Home delivery and current shops delivery hours (working hours) are working against the inherent flexibility of ordering online. On another hand, flexible car drivers are meeting uneven schedule with empty rides. The Freshride aims to connects two robust, flexible and digitally connected solutions.

Product in its environment

The freshride is composed of one car accessory, and one online platform. Any freelance rider can choose to be part of it by enrolling into the freshride system. He will be provided with the car accessory and have access to local deliveries available.

Product views

The freshride boot has a slidable drawer, making the content easy to reach and access. The material and finishes of the boot borrow cues from both high end equipment and automotive. Using painted metal for both its robustness, but also for being easy to refurbish for its next ˋcustomerˋ.

Product in use

The freshride boot has a slidable drawer, making it easy to reach and access.

Additional info

For the customer : " We deliver when you are home" For the drivers: "There is always somewhere to ride & deliver to"

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