FREEDGE by Miele
Liberating the food cooler

Target groups

Other (Young adults to senior citizens (living in urban areas), service industry)


With large cities continually increasing in population, the world of today and tomorrow faces numerous challenges. Small apartments, traffic jams, pollution, clutter... As technology is more and more integrated in our everyday lives to make it simpler, we witness the shift of our focus from objects to services. One of the services raising in popularity is food delivery, but why would the service end at our front doors?


From production to consumption, food products surely have a long way to go. Even at the end of distribution chain, things can seem complex. While a lot of commodities are already one screen touch away, we still have to sort our groceries from shopping bags or boxes and clean our fridges.


FREEDGE is imagined as portable cooling box that combined with the service accessible by the smartphone app replaces typical fridges.

Pain Point

With grocery stores on every step there is no real need for creating reserves of food in our homes, especially with the possibility to have it freshly delivered to our doorstep daily. Fridges as objects haven't changed drastically through their history while our lifestyles and eating habits have.

Product in its environment

The cooling boxes are delivered and kept cool as 'lockers' in public places. Later unlocked, taken by the deliverer (or owner). Boxes are charged at the dock to keep cool for some time as they'll be left with no power source at the destination. When taken into the home they're placed as fridges.

Product views

When the box is inserted into the cooling dock its sides are slid open and its interior exposed to the cooling surfaces of the dock.

Product in use

The client orders groceries through the app and sets the destination and time when he/she wants them delivered. Another person who'd like to deliver it (going in that direction, neighbour, wants to earn some extra...) requests and gets the one term code to unlock the box.

Additional info

Our lifestyles are becoming more fluid with use of technology. People change their place of residence, travel, eat out. Our focus is on the immediate and thoughts on ownership are altered. Fridges that can be rented, sold and maintained in the same service could be a way to go.

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