Smart eco-friendly cooling storage unit for multiple use

Target groups

Other (The people, who live in small flats at secure building complexes.)


The online-delivery systems have mainly four options. These are attended delivery, doorstep delivery, free delivery and pickUp. Doorstep delivery is available when the customer is not in the house to receive it in person and temperature controlled totes are used to keep the grocery shopping fresh for a limited time. But the doorstep delivery option isn’t available when the building has secure entry or limited access to doorstep of the customer.


Entrance to the doorstep of the apartment flat in the secure building complex or skyscrapers, are limited to the resident. Deliveries can be controlled and hold by security guards or doormen. The residents have to carry their deliveries or might be served to the doorstep of the resident.


Miele RUBIC, is a smart eco-friendly cooling storage unit for multiple use, that can be adapted to any main entrance or parking lot of the secured residential buildings. Every shared box has its own, cooler unit inside with wireless rechargeable battery which will be charged while the box is located in the closet. It provides eco-friendly use. The delivery will be brought to doorstep by indoor-use autonomous vehicle after the approval of the resident thanks to Miele App.

Pain Point

In the buildings with secure entrance, the delivery service is being interrupted by the guards. After a long and exhausting day. the residents have to go to security area to receive their delivery. They also have to carry them to their flats even they are so tired.

Product in its environment

RUBIC is located in the secure entrance hall of the residential buildings. The delivery guy can reach it easily and place the delivery box into safe box wich has temperature control feature. With IOT, autonomous vehicle comunicates with the building's elevators and completes the doorstep delivery.

Product views

RUBIC is a cooler and delivery system consisting of three basic elements: Main closet with charging feature; Cooler Boxes with temperature control, chargeable battery and smart lock; The autonomous delivery vehicle with chargeable battery for indoor use, to realize the final doorstep delivery.

Product in use

The delivery person gets in interaction with control screen of RUBIC. Places the package inside of the cooler box and secures it with smart lock. The wireless charging dock charges the box inside RUBIC. The autonomous carrier completes the doorstep delivery after the approval of the resident.

Additional info

Each Miele RUBIC contains 8 cooler boxes. Just like a vertical rotary parking system, boxes performs a turn cycle thanks to carrier arms of the internal system. For each delivery, an empty cooler box is placed behind the delivery access door. The correct box is placed on the carrier for delivery.

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