Mail has evolved, time to update the mail box; not designed for 2D courrier but 3D & fresh goods

Target groups

Other (Connected users ordering frequently online)


Mails are no longer 2D letters but now they are large and small packages, even fresh goods. The convenience of the online shopping stops hard when it comes to the delivery. Time for an design update of the mail box, and to design it with our modern & connected living.


Rethinking the mailbox would mean to not only collect letters, but also packages and offer options of temperature management. Ideally it would also integrate other common functions that satellites around such as bell, security camera and communication interface.


The mail2.0 by Miele is composed of 3 parts : the traditional letter slot, the package box and the contact/bell interface. The mail2.0 comes with an App that notifies when the bell rings, allow communication and access to the package box area. It also comes with temperature management, meaning that when you allow access for a package to be droped, you can tic the box : « keep cool » or « keep warm ». The user can order diner while communting and get fresh groceries when home.

Pain Point

New type of home courrier arise, such as temperature critical goods, larger packages; but also new home equipment appears with security cameras, and domotic. Moreover, the online ordering experience is hitting hard disruption when it comes to the delivery itself. The current letter box is obsolete.

Product in its environment

The mail2.0 is not a standard box but a face to the home, implementing connectivity and domotic, at reach of the user’s hand through the Miele mail2.0 app.

Product views

The mail2.0 box is combining 3 modules : the contact one (disolaying the house number, name, bell button connected to user’s phone, microphone and camera), the letter module (for traditional letters), and the box module (opening and temperature is managed remotly from the user’s phone).

Product in use

The mail2.0 is not only usefull when you are not home! No mire rushing to the door before the deliveryman leaves with your package. The app notifies you on your phone when the bell is rang, allowing you to open the packagebox and gives any instruction at a distance.

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