Smart cooling unit design for delivering and shared service system

Target groups

Other (People who lives in a communal living areas and working people.)


Time is getting more and more important during people's daily routine. Especially, people doesn't want to have more duty after the long working hours and they need utilise time in a more flexible manner.


Finding a solution to make utilising time more efficiently and getting the online shopping deliveries aligned. Thus, creating a smart integrated system called Frost-share.


Frost-share is a smart fridge and delivery point system that is available 24 hours.Customers can register the system via online or via Miele authorised dealers.After the account is activated,they need to pay monthly based on their account status ( silver, gold, etc.) Frost-share can preserve the food ordered by the customer for a specific time period and can inform the customer about the expire dates of the products by sending messages to the application in the smart phone.

Pain Point

Customers generally can't get the foods from the markets due to their working hours and ordered deliveries might not be fresh. When they travel on weekends, they might not find available food on Sundays when they return.Additional spaces for food preservation in different locations are also needed.

Product in its environment

Frost-share can be located in residence buildings, working places, dormitories, communal areas, etc.

Product views

With the Frost-share account, customer get into the shared freezer system. They can keep their foods in a proper way and track the expire dates of the products.

Product in use

Users shall register the system via online or via Miele dealers. An application to smart phone will be downloaded. Order will be placed via application and a key will be created.Deliveries will be put into Frost-share by unlocking via key and customer can pick up them after entering the key.

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