The stationary cooling system, for temporary a hraneneiya of food.

Target groups

Other (men and women aged from 18-60)


Even more often we use the Internet, for purchase of various goods. And food isn't an exception. Often working people are limited in time and don't manage to shop in a supermarket. Or it is more comfortable to us to learn goods of the house, to read detailed information on a product.


In difference from usual goods, food demand special delivery terms and storage. FROST POINT will help to solve a problem with temporary storage of your products until you are able to take away them. Products are in the special cooled boxes, keep freshness and are protected from theft.


FROST POINT is a stationary system for temporary storage of your order until you don't take away him. The station imt boxes of the different size, for the different volume of products. The system can be installed both outside and inside (to be mounted in a wall). There is no difficult interface therefore everyone will be able to use the station, without special knowledge. Everything is simple - has found the necessary box, has entered a PIN code, has confirmed it and has taken away the products!

Pain Point

  • convenient boxes of storage of various sizes
  • maintenance of optimum temperature, up to receiving goods
  • it is very simple in use
  • reliable protection against theft (digital lock)
  • not used boxes are switched off, for decrease in energy consumption

Product in its environment

The product is established near apartment houses or in the territory of housing complexes. Thus not only several apartments of one house, but also several houses of one area can use one FROST POINT.

Product views

Simple and modern design. Use of LED illumination for designation of free and busy boxes. Just in use, will be suitable for everyone!

Product in use

Everything is very simple: - I have made the order - the order is delivered in FROST POINT - you will receive the notice with number of a box, a PIN code, etc. - at the terminal you find the necessary box - you enter a PIN code - you take away the order - also you prepare something tasty!

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