FlexBox (edited)
FlexBox is a new flexible grocery delivery box, with smart removable cooling module.

Target groups

Other (Busy people all over the world, active people, housewifes)


In today's world, many people do not have time to go shopping, and they choose home delivery. This service is popular among hardly working people but also among housewives or those who are temporarily sitting with the child, as they take off an unnecessary problem, freeing up the time they would spend on supermarkets.


Active people are often out of the house, so the task to review the organisation of products delivery that require certain temperatures is the issue of the day.


FlexBox is a new flexible type of grocery delivery box, which bring its smart cooling system to a new level. The box has a removable cooling/heating element. The element can be easily removed, and, in this case, the box can be used for delivery goods to those who are at home. Removable element is easy to hold in hands and also to charge. The box can unfold and converted into a two-rooms refrigerator, and it is possible to adjust the different temperatures for different types of products.

Pain Point

Different type of products need different temperatures, and usual delivery box haven't this option. It's not comfortable to leave a big box in front of the door till the service man come to take it. Usual delivery boxes are often not aesthetically pleasing.

Product in its environment

This Box will fit in any background without disturbing the eye. FlexBox can be used for an outdoor picnic or catering. Just set the right temperature for already prepared food and for fresh one.

Product views

The box has essential and simple design so can be used with pleasure not only in commercial organizations but also at home. The removable element can be placed on both sides, like this is possible to heat product on one room and to cool in the second one or just set difference temperatures

Product in use

At the company storage the FlexBox can be managed by humans or robots to place the order inside. A worker or special program can set the right temperature. Then removable module is placed inside and cover is locked with magnetic lock which later can be open by the customer using his sell phone.

Additional info

Smart cooling module can interact with delivery vehicle and balance the temperature. It can be charged inside the vehicle and the outgoing heat can be used to produce the electricity in central thermoelectric element/engine, creating sustainable cycle. The module can also help to fix boxes inside.

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