Personal, portable, programmable, lockable, frosted mailbox. mealbox. Mielebox.

Target groups

Other (People on the go, ages 20-40. Practically any age group when used for bigger applications like schools, hotels, resorts, retirement centers & hospitals.)


With the way life & technology is now, people can be too busy at work or preoccupied with other important activities & need to focus on spending time & energy very thoughtfully. With people always on the go, no one would want to waste time & energy on waiting for anything to be delivered. And with the way cities are growing rapidly, any storage solution needs to be compact, practical and secure.


We need a storage space for deliveries that is time, space, & energy efficient, convenient, secure, preferrably automated, online, compact, and even multi- purpose. Portability would be a great plus.


The beautifully compact, streamlined, minimalist design facilitates modularity, flexibility & ease of maintenance as well as portability. Used as a trolley (or even w the backpack dock) it can be brought anywhere. Small enough as overhead & w a folding middle shelf & extended cover lock w/c doubles as a hook for bags, it's as useful & flexible as luggage. OR LEAVE IT on the LOCKING, charging dock. Secure, programmable & worry-free with its own app, it's a time, space & energy efficient solution

Pain Point

FOOD&MEDICINE delivery can require a lot of care & attention. SPACE, PRIVACY & SECURITY can be difficult to attain in urban living. TIME has become so valuable that people rarely have the ability to wait for packages. We need a CONVENIENT, SECURE, COMPACT & MODULAR SOLUTION that ensures freshness.

Product in its environment

The BOX can be attached as a single unit directly on a door using a charging dock. Several units can be grouped together on a wall for bigger spaces like condos,hotels & hospitals. Pairs can use the back-to-back dock that is cantilevered or fixed onto a counter or even as a freestanding appliance.

Product views

Inspired by overhead luggage (slimmer at 30cmX45cmX22cm) w a telescopic handle that extends to 40cm. The base (that doubles as the front leg w slim linear bottom vent)conceals the flushed wheels, mini digital inverter compressor module & interactive LED display that says "Miele"by default.

Product in use

With the BOX APP that monitors the arrival of deliveries (w optional tracker & countdown), lock status, internal & external temperature, battery life (if dock-free) & optional cam, any user can be practically ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. (Where there is a phone signal... of course)

Additional info

For active people who cant wait, athletes who need a cold drink(w the backpack dock),ANYONE who needs to keep ANYTHING FRESH & COOL,even outdoors, on a boat, off the grid, even for institutions that need secure, private, clean storage spaces like schools, hotels & hospitals...the Miele BOX is here.