the Miele Cloak
Engineered thermoelectric fabric wraps around any odd shaped delivery.

Target groups

Other (Early career professionals living in urban enviroment, age 20-35)


Early career professionals have a huge stress put on them in this stage of their life to establish their professional career. Sometimes career proves to be one of the priorities so other aspects of life get less attention that they should. Due to time saving convenience they relie heavily on delivery when it comes to grocery shopping and restaurant take away.


Time saving convenience of delivery disappears if you need to be there in person to accept it. There needs to be an easy way for your groceries to be delievered and stored at optimum enviroment without you needing to shape your day around it.


Just place the Miele Cloack in front of your door. It can preserve both cold and warm foods. It wraps around the delivery box so it doesn't occupy more space than it needs to. It is compact and can be deployed only when necessary, so it doesn't constantly obstruct narrow corridors.

Pain Point

You loose the time saving convince of online shopping if you need to be there to pick it up. Since no one likes spoiled food there needs to be a way for your food delivery to wait for you instead you waiting on it.

Product in its environment

It doesn't obstruct corridor space when not in use. When hung it signifies the drop off place and when package arrives the Miele Cloak wraps around a delivery box and takes up only the space it needs to.

Product views

Peltier devices maintain food temperature, whether you are using hot or cold side of the Miele Cloak.

Product in use

Cloack's adaptivity makes it perfect for storing groceries, since not all food comes in systematized boxes. The Miele Cloak adapts to any awkward shape in a way a conventional cooler box can never do.

Additional info

Wheather you are expecting a cold or a hot delivery while you are away the Miele Cloak has got you covered.