A Cools Safety box.
A 'Built-in' Fridge into a door.

Target groups

Other (doctors, who order expensive medical products that needs cooling. Hospitals, clinics, research laboratories.)


Doctors usually divide their working time between hospital surgery and their private clinic. When the doctor is not in his private clinic, he is usually unavailable on the phone and can not be contacted. In addition, the private clinic is close. Doctors today are ordering products for their private clinic for very expensive products that need cooling. In addition, the time of doctors is expensive, and probably will not want to coordinate their time with the delivery man.


The most critical problem in shipments is when it comes to medical equipment. Today in private clinics and especially in ophthalmology clinics, doctors use very expensive materials that always need cooling. Materials such as 'Avastin', 'Lucentis' and 'Ayalea'. The cost of one small syringe per eye injection can reach $ 1,000. Therefore, delivery must be delivered by hand to the receiver because of the cooling problem of the materials.


My idea comes mainly from the need of the product and inspired by the MIELE design line. A 'Built-in' Fridge door' will allow at any given time the delivery to arrive at the doctor's private clinic without the need for the clinic to be open, and without having to contact the doctor. . Using a viewfinder to read the bar code on the product the door will open and allow to cool the medicines.

Pain Point

The shipments arrive in a large box with lots of glaciers that keep the medicines. The equipment found inside this large box is small enough to have a small refrigerator. This is the normal situation: The doctor is busy in the operating room and the messenger arrived at a closed clinic.

Product in its environment

The design of the refrigerator will be the same as the design line for 'Miele' products. A refrigerator that is a bilt-in, elegant, luxurious, which is part of the door. By pressing the bar code of the product the door will open and allow the delivery man put the medicine into the refrigerator.

Product views

The doctor can take the medication from the inner door of the clinic.

Product in use

The delivery man arrives at the clinic without an answer