fridge-sharing. take it, use it, share it

Target groups

Other (Everybody)


The time for the courier that with his refrigerator-van brings to your home the product is now at the end. too much waste of time, human employee and it is not very efficient. But above all: if you are not at home what happens?


We need a "flexible" fridge. That gives you the product WHEREVER you are, not just at home. A smart drone-refrigerator free as much as possible by a human operator, a fridge that can also be with you, for the time you need and then let it go to another user, like the car-sharing. We need a fridge that is more than a fridge.


The future of deliveries are drones. Amazon knows it, and other big companies already use them. The added value is that they use the gps of your phone to locate you. Everywhere. But there's more. like car-sharing I created a drone-fridge that is "rented" for the time you need, that integrates with your car or bicycle, then let it go to the nearest user who requires it.

Pain Point

The problem is that nowadays we can be anywhere. We are home less and less time and we have no time to wait for the van that delivers the product.

Product in its environment

Bravo has 2 points of recharge and refueling product. If in your city there is a Miele point ... good for you! Otherwise the Miele-van will move in a day to all the countries that request it, releasing and collecting the Bravo drones.

Product views

Bravo is flexible, intelligent, with the gps, with the lid that is a solar panel, and then it can be expanded to increase the capacity.

Product in use

different situations of use .... always the same BRAVO!

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