FLEXY-Cool (Follow Miele)
Smart cooler connected to modern technologies

Target groups

Other (Busy men and women)


Busy people, who increasingly like mobility, refuse complicated and difficult things in favor of simple and flexible things.


This kind of people feel the need to be surrounded by objects or gadgets that simplify their lives in a practical and efficient way. The Flexi-Cool is a mobile refrigerator (of various shapes or sizes with adjustable temperature) that can have a practical and emotional impact on the potential customer due to its smart features.


  • adjustable shape can be increased or decreased ; occupy less space when is emptied (stored in small spaces)
  • adjustable temperature
  • wireless connected (phone app); follows the customer, enjoying mobility at the picnic, at home...
  • adjustable handle
  • safety
  • emotional : could communicate with the customer through a display (smiles, etc.) about the products (if they start to alter) or through the messages on the smartphone (please do not forget me! ), can become a family member

Pain Point

Freedom has always been a goal to which humanity has aspired. In 2025 people will feel the need to be more free on the move. My proposal solves the problems of flexibility. The time is coming when we need to feel comfortable and free!

Product in its environment

Flexible and smart device.

Product views

Different shapes, a lot of possibilities! It comes with a rechargeable battery system that makes it stand for 12/24 hours. It is equipped with intelligent sensors that make the device to avoid the obstacles. It can always be turned into a trolley if the obstacles do not allow it to move.

Product in use

It can be incorporated into special devices that power it with electricity and give it security (only the owner can access). It can also be stored when the owner no longer needs it, so the device will send a message to the base that is free.

Additional info

The busy people from 2025 will have another reason to enjoy life!

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