Miele Door receiver
My idea is about using simple technology of receiving package when people are not at home.

Target groups

Other (Male and Female, who goes for work and can used while people are at home also.)


Nowadays we face the problem of receiving orders. We order When we are at work because as soon as we reach home we need food to eat but we miss the order or we ask someone to collect but it doesn't stay fresh.


My idea is about making simple and easy tech for everyone, This device can be used while you at home also When we are not in the mood to collect it, just give the code to the Delivery person and later u can pick it up but it stays, fresh until you collect it.


The Miele Door receiver is a smart tech which can help you by collecting foods when you are not at home, Just provide the code to the Delivery man to place the food inside, it keeps the food fresh until you receive from it, It is a flexible tech. it expands itself to have enough place inside. when the food is taken is out, it retracts itself. it activates the camera until the food is taken from you, for security purposes.

Pain Point

We face the struggle of installing appliances, because of heavy and big in sizes. so my idea is about making light and compact design.

Product in its environment

Miele Door Receiver will be installed in the door, we can install it on the lower level or higher level of the door, as comfortable as customer wants.

Product views

Miele door receiver is a simple, compact and smart tech, this can help us by collecting foods when we are not at home, it keeps the foods fresh until we collect the food from it,

Product in use

1: The delivery man can access the Meile Door Receiver, from the code provided by you

2: When the device is been used it activates the camera, it records until the food is taken out by you

3: The Miele Door Receiver has a smart tech. when food placed inside the storage place expands itself.

Additional info

When delivery man accesses the device it activates the camera, for security purposes and it expands itself for larger space to place the food inside. When the food is taken out by you, it retracts itself. While you are at home also this device helps, no need to collect the order by yourself,