Cool Delivery Bug
The idea behind the Cool Delivery Bug is of a self-driving delivery vehicle that keeps food fresh.

Target groups

Other (male / female 25 -50; employed/ stay at home moms/dads; with children and/ or families )


Today, more than ever in human history, convenience is king. Technology has made everything move fast and we have to keep up with it. (everything it's only a click away!) Given the fact that the consumer is empowered by sharing information and comparing products from different brands, products have to be convenient and specially targeted to suit the customer's needs.


The Cool Delivery Bug service is directed to people with busy schedules, who either work long hours or just have to balance a lot of activities in a day (ex.: working parents ).

This delivery service is also convenient for elderly people for whom getting out of the house comes with a certain degree of difficulty. They can order groceries or medicine right to their doorstep.


The Cool Delivery Bug is a service that provides groceries shopping and delivering to people that don't have the time or possibility to do it themselves. The concept is having a self driving buggie designed to keep the groceries cool until they reach their destination. Self driving vehicles are a thing of the future, especially regarding public transportation or delivery. Even thought my concept represents what is now known as cutting edge technology it doesn't disregard the human involvement .

Pain Point

The pain points and their resolution is explained in the user case scenarios.

Product in its environment

The Cool Delivery Bug is an autonomous buggie that is designed to store and keep food or medicine cool and fresh until they reach their destination.

Product views

The Cool Delivery Bug a self driving buggie with a cool compartment in the front where the groceries are kept cool or frozen until they reach the destination. Electric autonomous vehicles represent a safe and environmental friendly method of transportation , this is why they represent the future.

Product in use

The front of the vehicle is a storage space where outside air is filtered and cooled, while the vehicle is moving, thus keeping the cargo fresh.

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