Smart Box with external cooling panel. It can be attached on to the receivers wall, gps, smart lock.

Target groups

Other (Male, Female)


People do not order food that requires cooling like Meat or medicines , because there is a possibility of product gone bad before it reaches or even get stolen. They do not know exactly when their delivery is going to arrive. They also want to know the condition of the product on its way to their homes. what happens when they are not home and their delivery arrives. this is the big concern for them. Especially for those who do not know when they have to go.


I concluded that people want their product to be delivered secured and when it is going to be arrived. if we eliminate the factor where they do not have to wait for the product to arrive and they can track its location and its status.

The box that can contain both chilled products and non chilled products. External cooling pad can be attached for chilled products and removed for non chilled products.


A Smart cooling box(Gps,temperature sensor,2 smart locks- one for top cover to secure the product and 2nd to secure the box itself). The user will receive 2 codes on mobile app, the exact location of the box and its temperature status in real time. There are 2 drop off zones-1st is the home itself, right besides main door a panel where the box can be locked with smart switch to power external cooling pad . 2nd neighbors, they will earn reward points if they offer to be used as a drop off zone.

Pain Point

Stolen and the product going bad.

smart locking system can eliminate theft problem. as the product is securely attached to the wall. only the user can open the box or detached from the wall . Using code provided on the app.

External cooling pad can be powered by smart switch.

Product in its environment

The Smart box is securely attached using two panel (Female on the wall - male on the box). External cooling pad is attached to the smart switch that can only be opened and closed by the user.

Product views

From up . there is a led panel showing current temperature of the box and the user name and address, and a pass code input keypad.

Product in use

The user will enter pass code 1 to unlock the box from the wall. and than the other code to open the box to retrieve the product inside. As soon as he enters the 2nd code. a status message will be send to the delivery company so they can pick the box up. the user will place the box back to the wall.

Additional info

The user will place the empty box back on the wall. and the delivery company will retrieve the box back whenever they want to. The neighbor factor is that if the delivery man for some reason cant put the box on the wall he can drop the box on the registered neighbor. from there the box can be picked