Benri - Your personal grocery service
Benri delivers your groceries directly to your balcony! Fast & easy access and with maximum security

Target groups

Other (The target group is very brought incl. all demographics and lifestyle backgrounds. Especially attractive for people with physical limitations, elderly and families. Busy bees & people working shifts.)


Grocery lists are as diverse as the people who write them. The future of grocery shopping is in its toddler years. Many different services exist but the market is growing fast and whoever caters to everyones needs will lead and eventually dominate the market.

Therefore the target group is EVERYONE.

The driven single that works long into the night on its carrier. The busy parent that juggles all family matters. The elderly couple living on the 3rd floor with no elevator. All those between.


Peoples lives are divers. Some live in houses, others in apartments, share houses or nursing homes. A delivery service can run into problems such as access, save storage and manpower that can compromise convenience and customer satisfaction. Most building codes don't allow objects being added to existing structures indoors and outdoors . Building management doesn't allow objects in staircases and hallways as escape routs need to stay free of obstacles. Customers want to have a OPT OUT option.


A Benri (jap. convenient, handy) drone delivers your groceries to your balcony. It`s the perfect space. Balconies exist in various types in all cultures and architecture styles. In recent year they are also added to buildings that didn't originally had one.

Accessible any time for the drone (delivery, pickup, 24/7). A save space to store (parcel snatchers, animals). The customer doesn't need to carry groceries upstairs. Customer has the option to cancel or return a delivery.

Pain Point

Fire and emergency escape routes need to stay free of obstacles.

Parcel snatchers are busy working the neighborhoods. Opportunity makes thieves.

Apartment buildings do not have elevators (4 floors or less).

Older customers or physically impaired customers can`t lift there delivery.

Product in its environment

You shop and order your groceries via your BENRI app.

Delivery on your balcony, roof or terrace.

Save from Parcel snatchers.

Minimizes the way to carry your groceries.

Keeps escape routes free.

Product views

Benri will deliver anything anywhere any time!

Every day there is a new, better, lighter or quieter drone out. The market develops rapidly and the possibilities of use are endless. What seems impossible today is the frontrunner of tomorrow.

Product in use

Make your life a little more BENRI aka convenient.

Step 1 Download the BENRI app

Step 2 You receive a BENRI mat via mail.

Step 3 Set up the mat at your balcony. Open the BENRI app, access the location setup guide. Place your phone on the mat, the app logs in your coordinates.

Step 4 Done

Additional info


Your personal shopping consiarge.

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