Miele and Go or Miele and Lego connotation

Target groups

Other ((e-)Groceries, (e-)Markets, (e-)Pharmacies, (e-)Restaurants, (e-)Retails, (e-)Shops and Their Customers)


The Target Group is wide.


They need a cold-chain or hot-chain.


Miele-Blocks/Bricks Design

Miele ColdBlock(s) / Miele CoolBlock(s)

Block-/Brick-Shaped Cold-Box

The blocks/bricks/boxes can be attachable; each other or to the (extra-cooler-)pad/base or to the wall (extra-cooler-panel) or to the (delivery-)vehicle, etc.

The block-pins/tabs can be used for attaching, carrying/holding, charging, locking, in-wheels, etc.

Pain Point

  • Pain Points / Solve The Absence

The product can be "smart"; it can send a sms to the customers or their friends about the delivery.

Also it can include a (digital-)lock.

Also it can be with charge and/or plug (for the power).

Product in its environment

Its appearance can be glowing and blue (cold-connotation) or red (hot-connotation).

Also the blocks can be foldable (Foldable Cooler); for outdoor/picnic uses.

Product views

The Product can be handled, locked, wheeled; attachable/separable; smart etc.

Product in use

  • Use Cases

Beverages, Foods, Medicines; Outdoor Activities, Picnics etc.

  • User Access and Handling

The product use can be very simple; click&open, plug&play etc.

Additional info

  • Location: The product can be convenient for door-fronts, car-baggages, or desktop/countertop etc.