Lobby Fridge
A refrigerator platform located in the lobby of buildings. Each apartment and its refrigerator.

Target groups

Other (Families, hotels, residential buildings, luxury apartments)


People would be happy to make an order of cold and frozen products from the supermarket without having to stay home and wait for the messenger. This problem belongs to all tenants in the building that can reach dozens of apartments.


This problem belongs to dozens of apartments in one building. Modern buildings usually have a large lobby and guard at the entrance to the building.


Many buildings have a large area in the lobby. This allows the MIELE refrigerator to be placed and thus allow for shipments that need to be frozen and cooled. The delivery simply needs access to the cooling compartment of the designated apartment and this is done by the guard at the entrance or by code. When the occupants return to their homes, a light will appear on the number of their apartment and they will know that a shipment is waiting for them.

Pain Point

The tenants are not at home and the delivery arrives with the market products.

Product in its environment

The refrigerator is located in the entrance lobby of the residence or hotel

Product views

Each apartment has a cabin. Each compartment is divided into products requiring refrigeration and products that need to be frozen

Product in use

The delivery arrives with the products from the supermarket. Opening the cell will be carried out by the guard at the entrance to the building or by code. At the same time another tenant can come and take out the purchases he ordered from the supermarket.

Additional info

Each cell has a camera of its own with a bar code reading on the specific shipment that needs to reach the tenant

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