or CoolyBox (or ColdyCase or CoolyCase) (or MieleColdy / MieleCooly)

Target groups

Other (Target Group 1 is the customers/residents etc. The Product 1 is a fixed-box, near the door. Target Group 2 is the delivery firms/senders etc. The Product 2 is a moving-box, wheeled, handled etc.)


All delivery services/firms and customers; wide use(r) area(s). Cool-Products Shoppers etc.


They need a cold-chain (cold-box/product).


ColdyBox or CoolyBox (or ColdyCase or CoolyCase) (or MieleColdy / MieleCooly)

Also it includes an interactive lock; the shopping system generates a pin/code and the deliverer enters it to the case (and it opens), and puts the product(s) to the case.

Pain Point

The Absence Solution: A Fixed-Box, no need a human/resident. Also sms/message notification(s)/reminder(s). The Security Solution: An interactive lock for the inside/product, and a lock/handle for the outside/case/box.

Product in its environment

Its appearance can be glowing and blue (cold-connotation).

Product views

The Product can be handled, locked, wheeled; separable; smart etc.

Product in use

The product use can be very simple; click&open, plug&play etc. * Use Cases: Beverages, Foods, Medicines; Outdoor Activities, Picnics etc.