Smart accommodation for 'MIELE'
A platform of Refrigerated underground storage

Target groups

Other (Tenants in high-rise buildings)


People who live in multi-storey buildings that order products that need cooling.


Can be in one building and there are at the same time a few shipments from the same super market. The delivery must be in contact with each and every one and bring the shipment to him. It is possible that since one family is not in the home, the delivery man will have to come again


Just like the technology of automatic underground parking. The delivery will leave the shipment into the elevator that takes the shipment to a refrigeration room. When the tenant returns home he will be able to order the special shipment through the special elevator. In the future architects and engineers will have to consider the "Smart Accommodation for MIELE" as one of their standard construction program tasks , similar to car parking and elevators.

Pain Point

Lots of orders from one building. In one shipment, all orders can be completed without the need for families to be at home

Product in its environment

The messenger puts the shipment into the elevator

Product views

While the tenant is returning home, all he has to do is order the delivery to his floor without going down a floor. The shipment reaches him

Product in use

Like the auto parking garage is based on the same technology, the only difference is the size of the room. Of course the room is much smaller. The room can be small and cooled to the size of the number of shipments relative to the apartments in the same building.

Additional info

technology The technology already exists in many different variations. The benefit of making it happen outweight the cost (A small space for the elevator, a cooling room and a small automatic parking for deliveries). An example of existing technology from the world of auto parking, see more here-